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Promoting Innovative Learning in Training and Adult Education

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The rapid development of science and technology, the necessary transition from the Information Society to the
Knowledge Society and the global social and economic developments make it necessary for the professional
development and lifelong learning of adult trainers to acquire the skills of the 21st century. It is a fact that the educational
process in its traditional form will hardly meet the new requirements. There is therefore a need for different teaching
techniques, which will use modern technology tools to support learning and activate adult learners.

Our goal is to provide the members-trainers of adults, the appropriate supplies and tools so that their role in the
educational process is inspiring, advisory, guiding and supportive. To gain self-confidence and to adopt any good
practice that would lead to the development of the trainees’ creativity by strengthening the cooperation between them and
with the teacher in the role of assistant and collaborator. That is why we seek to enable adult educators to acquire new
teaching styles, using new technologies (ICT), to create modern learning environments in which to encourage, support,
supervise and monitor learning activities by developing a more consultative and collaborative role.