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The REMOTEMO project will generate a positive impact on the workers who fully or partially work from home, improving the management of this situation, which in most cases is anomalous and has been forced in recent months. 

Shape The Future Teacher

With the “SHAPE the Future teacher” project our intention is to comply with these priorities. It is a partnership between five secondary education schools from five European countries (Greece, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain) supported by a scientific association. The core idea is to develop and apply a set of learning scenarios using I.C.T. tools in a wide and diverse range of subjects . The main target group of the project is primarily Teachers of secondary education both general and vocational schools/Institutions who will implement these scenarios with their students (15-19 years old),thus making them directly beneficiaries. We estimate that the total number of the participants involved directly and indirectly will reach approximately 4000 people.