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Welcome to SAPLLe

S.A.P.L.Le.,is a Scientific Association, representing higher education graduates and professionals with an established interest in the use, implementation and dissemination of innovative education methods, training practices and new technologies  regarding Health, Culture, Environment and any other human activity.
Its’ members are university professors, school teachers, adult trainers, education executives working in primary, secondary or tertiary education. Each one is specialized in a different field of science, covering this way a great range of interest.



S.A.P.L.Le is a non-profit scientific association with the purpose to promote innovative actions in the educational community and society (in a wide regional, national and European range).                                                                                                  


SAPPLe is an educational training provider at local and european level. SAPPLe has a consultant role for public and private bodies in order to promote and develop european and trans-continental projects in Youth/Adults/VET/School Sectors.


The work team has been active since 2006. Our association was established in 2020.
SAPLLe works on Erasmus+, Horizon 2020 and Open Society Programs

VET & School

The activities of the SAPLLe VET & School Department include the development of project proposals and partnerships and the management of international mobility for internship projects targeted at High School students in the frame of Erasmus Plus VET & School in cooperation with European partners.

Adult & Training

SAPLLe’s Adult & Training Section is specialized in training efforts and project design/coordination/partnership tasks in the context of Adult education at the level of the Erasmus Plus programme and of local initiatives under programmes (local, regional, national and international in nature) external to Erasmus Plus.

Youth Division

SAPLLe Youth Division is in charge of organising, implementing and reporting Erasmus+ KA1 Youth, Youth Exchanges and Training Courses with Non Formal Education Methodology.

Programs we work with